[ 2010/2009 ]

Dogs Across the Nation Jumped for Joy at first American Kennel Club Events Open to Mixed-Breeds PDF

MetaMorphix, Inc. and Stirius, Inc. Announce Joint Venture for the Development of Aquaculture Technologies PDF

MMI Genomics joins as a sponsor of AKC Canine Partners Program PDF

Unlock the mystery of your dog's DNA with the new lower priced Canine Heritage® Breed Test PDF

MetaMorphix Expands Commercialization of its Predictive DNA-based Markers By Licensing Their Use in Beef Cattle to PrimeMarker PDF

BeefTek to Incorporate MetaMorphix's Predictive DNA-based Markers in their Integrated Beef Production System PDF

Long time MetaMorphix, Inc. Director and Former Co-Chairman loses his battle with cancer PDF

Affordable, Fast Turn-around Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) Genetic Test Now Available ... click here

New Osteopetrosis (OS) genetic screening test offering quick results and reasonable prices just added to our growing product line. ... click here

Founded in 1994 and based in Calverton, Maryland, MetaMorphix®, Inc. is a privately held life sciences company that uses the code of life, DNA, to improve the global food supply and human health. In livestock, we help our customers produce higher quality, nutritious meat more efficiently; and in healthcare, we discover and license targets to pharmaceutical companies that develop therapies for better management of metabolic and muscular degenerative diseases.
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[ 2008 ]

Canine Heritage Breed Test Now Available at Petco stores!

MetaMorphix® and Sequenom Agree to Build on Success
Strengthened Partnership Paves Way for Leadership Position in High-Throughput, Low-Cost DNA Analysis

The company is developing a pipeline of innovative products addressing all major livestock sectors including cattle, swine, poultry and aquaculture, as well as developing products that enhance the health of companion animals .
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